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Crystal Wonderland

Yin & Yang White and Peach Selenite Tealight Candle Holder


Yin & Yang White and Peach Selenite Tealight Candle Holder


This is a beautiful all-natural selenite candle holder.

It fits all standard tea light candles and radiates beautiful divine energy! Hand carved and polished so there is no roughness in this Yin & Yang shaped candle holder!

According to Judy Hall (author of "Encyclopedia of Crystals", the name Selenite derives from the Greek moon goddess, Selene, and means "moonlight glow." With a very fine vibration, Selenite induces clarity of mind and accesses angelic consciousness.

The yin-yang symbol (also known as the Tai Chi symbol) consists of a circle divided into two halves by a curved line. One half of the circle is black, typically representing the yin side; the other is white, for the yang side. A dot of each color is situated near the center of the other's half. The two halves are thus intertwining across a spiral-like curve that splits the whole into semicircles, and the small dots represent the idea that both sides carry the seed of the other. 

The white dot in the black area and the black dot in the white area connote the coexistence and unity of opposites to form a whole. The curvy line signifies that there are no absolute separations between the two opposites. The yin-yang symbol, then, embodies both sides: duality, paradox, unity in diversity, change, and harmony.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 9 x 4 cm

Quantity: 1


*Note - Those are natural stones, so depending on the device you are using to view the product or the angle of the item is photographed the actual colours may vary from those shown. Also, the product dimensions may slightly vary.

Disclaimer: We at Crystal Wonderland cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed health care professional.

Yin & Yang White and Peach Selenite Tealight Candle Holder