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Crystal Wonderland

120x Hem Coconut Incense Cones

  • Hem Incense Cones are a blend of natural ingredients and fragrances-creation of traditional oils to enliven your surroundings.
  • Coconut incense produces a relaxing aroma which promotes a deeper relaxed state of mind, so it is commonly used for meditation or peaceful sleep. In some cultures, it is believed that this incense increases the spiritual energy and can even be used to drive away evil spirits.
  • About 20 minutes burning time for each incense cone.
  • Storage: place in cool, dark, dry place, incense will be more pure along with time pass.
  • When you light the incense in you room, it will help to sooth the nerve system. When you in a spa, you can use it to help you relax. It will also help to remove odor if you light it in the bathroom.

Package Includes: 1x Box - 12 Packs of 10 Cones Each.

120x Hem Coconut Incense Cones