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Crystals Gaia´s Gift to Us

Unfold the magic and discover our beautifu range of precious Crystals and Gemstones.

Essential Crystal Guide

Take a look at our Essential Crystal Guide to the 86 healing crystals that we stock. Find your favourite ones or simply catch a crystal that captures you.

Crystal Infused Smudge Sprays

A Whole lot of Magic

Handcrafted with Love & Light from our Wonderland to Yours. Brownse through our magical range of Orgonite Pyramids.

Orgonite Facts

Understand the power of Orgonite Pyramids. How the work, what they can do and their incredible cleansing properties.

Wellness & Wellbeing Workshops

We are currently working on amazing Wellness & Wellbeing programs and workshops. Keep watching this space for more information!

Crystal Coasters & Plates

Purely handmade goodness that makes the most stunning decor set up.


Tarot and Oracle Cards

A gorgeous tool of self-reflection to add to your magical and spiritual practice.


Wellness Journals Diaries & Planners

For the writters, planners and thinkers. The perfect bundle for your reflexive moments.