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Crystal Wonderland

Energy Cleansing Kit Sacred Elements


Energy Cleansing Kit

With natural incense, resins and herbs for smudge cleansing experience.

Harness the power of ancient traditions with our Energy Cleansing Kit

Designed to help you connect with positive energy and let go of negativity.

Rainforest Resins: Connect with nature and enhance your well-being by burning natural resins to purify your space. Place some small pieces of resin on the burner & ignite it.
White Sage Leaves Herbs: Purify your space with White Sage Herbs for spiritual cleansing and protection. Simply light the herb bundle and waft it around.

Sandal Incense Cones: They are perfect for creating a calming atmosphere. Simply light the tip of the cone and wait for it to smolder, then place it in the burner and enjoy the natural and earthy fragrance.

Charcoal Tablets: Transform your space into a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness by burning herbs and resins on charcoal tablets. Simply light the tablet on a burner and add your desired amount of herbs or resins.

Palo Santo Room Spray: Create a calming atmosphere around you with the sweet and woody aroma of Palo Santo spray. Spritz it around to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Clay Incense Burner: Add a touch of elegance to your meditation space with our safe and heat-resistant clay incense burner, perfect for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of burning incense.

Package Includes Kit Energy Cleansing Sacred Elements

Energy Cleansing Kit Sacred Elements