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Amethyst & Citrine Points with Selenite Wand Gift Set


Amethyst & Citrine Points with Selenite Wand Gift Set


This beautiful gift set is perfect for crystals enthusiasts, as it is a combination of must-have crystals. 

Amethyst is a powerful and versatile stone. It vibrates at a very high spiritual level and has strong healing and cleansing properties. Amethyst can encourage self-control, calm severe emotions, and aid sleep and meditation.

Citrine is a stone of joy, abundance, and wealth. It is helpful not only in the acquisition of wealth but also in maintenance. Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energy and never needs cleansing or clearing. It activates, opens, and energizes the navel and solar plexus chakras, and it stimulates both mental focus and endurance. It also stimulates the intuitive self and promotes contact with the higher forces of intelligence.

Selenite is greatly known for its cleansing properties. It cleanses and amplifies the energy within each crystal that comes in contact with it, making it ideal for activating your crystals and jewelry. Unlike any other crystal, it doesn’t need charging, and should not be immersed in or cleansed with water.

Set include:

1 x Citrine Point  

1 x Amethyst Point

1 x Selenite Wand

3 x Crystal Cards (one for each crystal included) 



Points Size: Between 5 to 7 cm each

Selenite Wand Size: 10 cm approx.



  • You will receive a slightly different piece from the one in the picture.
  • The pictures are for reference only. 
  • No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each piece special.
  • The provided information is offered for interest and as a guide and does not constitute medical, or psychological advice. 
  • Note that product dimensions and colors may slightly vary.

Amethyst & Citrine Points with Selenite Wand Gift Set