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Crystal Wonderland

Beauty Box Rose Quartz Facial Massage Set


It’s time to amp up your skincare routine with this incredible Rose Quartz Facial Massage Set, containing a Rose Quartz Face Roller and a Rose Quartz Gua Sha.

When combined, these tools can promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, combat puffiness and enhance the absorption of your skincare products.

Luxurious, hand-crafted and the epitome of self care - nothing screams wellness like the Rose Quartz Facial Massaging Set.

This exclusive set contains a Rose Quartz Face Roller a Rose Quartz Gua Sha and a Rose Quartz Essential Oil Bottle to perfectly complement your skincare routine.

Rose Quartz is also said to promote love and self-love, making this the perfect self-care solution for any skincare routine.

Gift Pack Content: 

  • Rose Quartz Gua Sha
  • Rose Quartz Short Handle Face Roller (pointed end)
  • Rose Quartz Essential Oil Bottle
  • Amethyst Crystal Cluster
  • Meditating Buddha Selenite Puffy Heart


  • Gua Sha: 8 (H) x 6.5 (L) x 0.7 (thick) cm
  • Face Roller: 9.5(H) cm
  • Essential Oil Bottle:8.5 (H) x 2.5 (D) cm
  • Crystal Cluster: 3.5 to 6.5 (W) x  2.5 to 5 (L) cm 
  • Selenite Puffy Heart:  8.5~9 (L) x 7.5~8 (H) x 1.8~2 (W) cm


Quantity: 01 set




  • Essential oil not included.
  • Those are natural stones, so depending on the device you are using to view the product or the angle of the item is photographed the actual colours may vary from those shown.
  • Product dimensions may slightly vary.


Disclaimer: We at Crystal Wonderland cannot give out medical advice. Healing crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis or examination. For medical advice, please consult a licensed health care professional.

Beauty Box Rose Quartz Facial Massage Set