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Crystal Wonderland

Aluminium Incense Burner Chakra Copper Finish

This metal antique finish Chakra incense burner features embossed chakras symbols, finely detailed what makes it an eye-catching item.
Perfect to use with Incense as the width and length of the incense burner accommodate larger sticks.

The 7 rainbow colors are associated to the chakras and the endocrine system.
-Violet, crown chakra is our connection with universal energies.
-Indigo, 3rd eye chakra is for forgiveness & compassion.
-Blue, throat chakra is for physical & spiritual communication.
-Green, heart chakra is for love and sense of responsibility.
-Yellow, solar plexus chakra is for power and ego.
-Orange, sacral chakra is associated with emotions and sexuality.
-Red, root chakra is for grounding and survival

Aluminium Incense Burner Chakra Copper Finish