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Crystal Wonderland

Angel Dust Incense Cones Green Tree Fragrance Premium Backflow


Angel Dust - Give the turns access your reality fix through a pecking order of holy messengers. Heavenly messenger residue can be portrayed as a heartfelt fragrance that is suggestive of sweet enthusiasm organic product. We would describe him as a deep roar and a hint of magic, despite the subtle scent. It has a pleasant background scent due to its sweetness and freshness.

Green Tree incense are natural, featuring mixtures of herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils. 
Each fragrance has been carefully created according to traditional Indian recipes. 

Call in the pure love of your guiding Angels to receive divine blessings, healing and to assist you through your journey.

The fragrance is so unique because of the fine blend of flowers, oils, spices, resins and rare fragrant gums.

Suits meditating, yoga or simply create a relaxing vibe at home or the office - this is a quality incense that lingers beautifully.
Green Tree incense are all-natural.
Made in India.

Package Includes 1 Box Premium Backflow Incense Cones Angel Dust -12 Packets

Angel Dust Incense Cones Green Tree Fragrance Premium Backflow