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Crystal Wonderland

Australian Fossil Find Excavation


Dig your paleontologist tools into the Australian Fossil Find excavation kit!

Just like the real thing, this fun and easy to use kit allows you to unearth your very own fossil.

Simply scrape away the top layer of plaster and excavate a replica of an ancient fossil! 

You could find one of three different types of fossils - The Thylacoleo (marsupial Lion), Obdurodon (Ancient Platypus) and Thylacine (Marsupial Tiger). The fossil you receive will be picked at random unless requested. 

After you reveal the hidden fossil replica within, assemble and display your unique piece of history for all to see!

What's Included: 

Fossil replica set in a plaster block
Digging tools
A sponge
This is heaps of digging fun for ages 6 and up.

A wonderful activity or Dinosaur Gift for a fossil lover, collector or a young discoverer. 

Australian Fossil Find Excavation