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Crystal Wonderland

Black Obsidian Crystal Beads Bracelet 8mm



🖤 Black Obsidian 🖤

The Shield Protection & Grounding Stone

Spiritual Healing Properties

Black Obsidian is a very powerful stone that forces us to have more integrity in our thoughts and actions. This stone bluntly shows us our shadow sides and flaws so that we can accept them and step more fully into our Highest Self. Obsidian is a stone for warriors and shamans. It demands incredible courage from us, but gives true clarity and strength in return. 

Emotional Healing Properties

Black Obsidian is a protective stone for anyone who is actively experiencing shock or trauma. It helps us see the truth of situations and to purify ourselves after pain and suffering. It is particularly useful for anyone who is actively choosing to move past patterns of self-abuse and toward becoming more loving and kind. However, care should be taken to avoid Black Obsidian if one is suffering from chronic depression as this stone may add additional “heaviness.”


Mental Healing Properties

Black Obsidian helps us to see the truth in situations and to change restricting beliefs and behavioral patterns. It helps us sharpen our senses and intellect, and may additionally reveal gifts for true prophecy. Anyone who is engaged in active or continuous “problem solving mode,” will benefit from keeping a piece of Obsidian nearby. Black Obsidian  is especially helpful for dissecting beliefs and habits that have been passed down to us by our families, allowing us to decide for ourselves whether these ideas are true and useful.

Metaphysical Properties

Chakra: Root

Element: Earth Fire

Vibration: 3

Zodiac: Scorpio Sagitarius 

Affirmation: I release negative energy within and around me 



 Bracelet Length: About 7.5 inches (about 19cm)

Beads : 8mm

Number of Beads: 8mm about 22 beads per bracelet

These genuine crystal bracelets are as pretty as they are practical, they can be worn simply as a fashion piece, or also used as an effective calming tool.

The beads can be slowly turned, or rubbed between the thumb and index finger, as a way to distract yourself from anxiety, or to help you remain grounded and focused on a particular task.

They can also be used for meditation, in a similar way to mala beads bracelets, a stylish and discrete way to relieve nervous energy no matter where you are.


PS: Due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item.

All stone beads are unique and genuine. Size and color may be a little different from the one shown in the picture.



Black Obsidian Crystal Beads Bracelet 8mm