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Crystal Wonderland

Clear Quartz Crystal Geode Cave C 6.7KG


Clear Quartz Crystal Geode Cave C 6.7KG

Clear Quartz is a powerful protective, cleansing, and energizing stone. It is one of the most versatile crystals and will work on all levels to bring balance and harmonize all the chakras as it contains all colors. Clear Quartz can be used to energize other crystals. It can help to absorb and dissipate negativity from others and intensify positive thoughts and energy. It is an excellent stone for channeling healing and universal energy.

Geode Caves have strong vibrational energies to due having many crystal points combined together. However, their crystal points are located on the inside. They are highly protective, aid spiritual growth and development, and have a calming effect on the mind.  Geodes are also believed to be effective in helping overcome addictions.


Content: 01 pieces

Size: 15 x 25 x 13 cm Approx.

Weight: 6.7kg Approx.


  • The pictures are for reference only. 
  • No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each piece special.
  • The provided information is offered for interest and as a guide and does not constitute medical, or psychological advice. 
  • Note that product dimensions and colors may slightly vary.

Clear Quartz Crystal Geode Cave C 6.7KG