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Crystal Wonderland

5x Seven Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet Set Natural Gemstone


Crystals are best when worn in contact with the skin and these crystal chip bracelets are a lightweight way to wear your crystals for maximum benefits. Each bracelet features tumbled chips of crystal which have been polished to reveal the beautiful colours of the natural stones.​

7 different crystals combine into a chakra bracelet withdifferent energy centres that focus on different parts of the body and different properties, to help the wearer funneling energy from the universe and to attract wealth, health, and prosperity.

“Chakras” are the energy centers that interact with our bodies, both on a physical and energetic level. If something blocks a chakra, whether it is a traumatic psychological experience or a physical illness, that block disrupts the flow of energy throughout a person’s whole being. it can have a significant impact on the person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


  • ​100% Brand New & High Quality.​
  • Material: Natural Gemstone Chips.
  • Color: Natural.
  • Size: Irregular.
  • Stone: 7 Chakra.
  • Chain Length: Approx. 22cm (Stretchy).

Package Included: 5x Crystal Chip Bracelets.

5x Seven Chakra Crystal Chip Bracelet Set Natural Gemstone