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Crystal Wonderland

Dinosaur Explorer Excavation Kit Dino Skeleton


Unleash your inner palaeontologist!

Unearth and reconstruct one of four realistic dinosaur skeleton models (chosen randomly) using tools and techniques like those of a real palaeontologist!

This Dino skeleton made up of about 8 bones is just waiting for you to dig up! The palaeontologist’s tools you need; a hammer, a chisel, a pick tool, a dust brush, and a cleaning sponge are in the kit! An instruction leaflet is also included.

What's In The Box:

Fossil T-Rex plaster block
Pick Tool
Dust brush
Cleaning Sponge
Instruction leaflet
Lots of fun for ages 6 and up!

If you dig dinos - this is something you can really get your paleo tools into!

Dinosaur Explorer Excavation Kit Dino Skeleton