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Crystal Wonderland

Dragonfly Glass Mosaic Diffuser Small


Dragonfly Glass Mosaic Small Diffuser

This beautiful mosaic glass essential oil diffuser offers many functions that can benefit both health and wellbeing.

Adorned with glass beads and accent colours, each cover is individually hand crafted and unique.

Unlike traditional oil burners or incense, this aroma diffuser does not require candles or matches and so it is a much safer option for your home aromatherapy needs. Put just 2-3 drops of essential oil in the water tank and plug in. This is then dispersed into the air and inhaled to energise or calm, depending on the essential oil chosen. The mist button stops automatically when the water is low and your experience can be customised by choosing from three levels of mist intensity.

The humidifier generates moisture and negative ions from the water and steam which assist breathing, can provide allergy and sinus relief, aid sleep and also cleanse and purify the air if using oils with antibacterial properties.

The essential oil diffuser also has a beautiful light function, emitting a calming glow which moves through different colours. A great option for a night light which you can simply switch off when not desired. Choose from three settings:

  • Rotating calming LED colours
  • Freeze to one colour
  • Switch off

Features and Infos

  • Dimensions: Approx. 15cm (H) x 9cm (Diameter at widest point)
  • Water capacity: 120ml
  • Coverage area: Up to 200 sq ft with high mist intensity setting
  • Approximate operation time by mist output intensity: Continuous mist 5-6 hours and intermittent mist 7-8 hours
  • Continuous mist shut-off timer: 60 minutes
  • AC adaptor supplied

    Please note colour may vary and based on the natural cut of the rock.... also these are only indicative sizes and may vary by a few centimetres or grams.

    Dragonfly Glass Mosaic Diffuser Small