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Crystal Wonderland

Dragons Blood Incense Resin


Dragon’s Blood Resin is used to increase potency and power with its strong herbal and spicy fragrance.

Dragon's blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of rituals to drive evil and negativity away.

A Dragon's Blood resin from the incense experts at HEM, packaged in a cardboard window box. 

Intended for true incense lovers, resin incenses offer you the purest traditional fragrances without fillers or binders. To use, burn over incense charcoal in a censer, stone dish, or brazier.

Engulf the sanctity of aromatic bliss with dragon blood resins that have antioxidant characteristics and incredible medicinal properties to aid with physical ailments, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Made with the purest ingredients, this fragrance is widely used in healing ceremonies to ward off negative energies and cleanse spaces with its sacred aroma.

  • Fragrance: Dragon Blood
  • Net Contents: 30 g
  • How to use: Set a charcoal tablet in a container on a bed of sand and light the tablet. 

Slowly fan or blow on the tablet. Only after the charcoal is a glow and stops crackling, put the resin incense on the top. Use knife spoons or tweezers to drop the resin incense onto the tablet. Set aside enough time so that you can enjoy the ritual incense burning. When selecting a location, make sure there are no combustible objects nearby.

Dragons Blood Incense Resin