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Crystal Wonderland

Goloka Essential Oil Pure Natural Grapefruit 10ml


Goloka Essential Oil Pure Natural Diffuser Aromatherapy Grapefruit 10ml

- Has an energizing, uplifting, clarifying, and astringent  scent known to improve mood.

- Extracted from plants through a distillation process that  captures the plant's scent and flavor. For some plants, the oil is taken  from dried seeds, peel, or resin; for others, it comes from the leaves,  roots, bark, or flowers.

- Have been used throughout  history for cosmetics, perfumes, and therapeutic purposes.

- Distilled from the aromatic leaves, bark, and roots of plants.

-Essential oils may also be mixed with skin lotions,  creams, body oils, bath oils, hair oils, and lip balm.

- May suppress appetite and weight loss

- Help balance mood

Content: 01

Can be used for: Massages, congestion relief, relaxing baths, skincare ,d iffusers and incense burners, headache relief, joint and muscle pain, air purification, household surface cleaners.

Goloka Essential Oil Pure Natural Grapefruit 10ml