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Hamsa Hand Selenite Charging Plate Crystals and Jewelry Holder


Hamsa Hand Selenite Charging Plate Crystals and Jewelry Holder

Selenite is greatly known for its cleansing properties. It cleanses and amplifies the energy within each crystal that comes in contact with it, making it ideal for activating your crystals and jewelry. Unlike any other crystal, it doesn’t need charging, and should not be immersed in or cleansed with water.

Just sit your crystals on top of the charging plate before bed! Selenite, with its moon-like reflections, is absolutely stunning!

Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, forming on salt plains or anywhere there is desert, salt water, old mines, or tunnels. The name Selenite actually comes from the Greek word for “moon” - similarly you may have heard of the beautiful Selenite the Ancient Greek Goddess of the moon.

The Hamsa Hand is a universal sign of protection, power, and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Known as the Hand of Fatima in Islam and the Hand of Miriam in Judaism, it's believed to protect against the evil eye and all negative energies. 

The word “Hamsa” means “five,” representing the fingers of the right hand. For Hindus and Buddhists, it symbolizes chakras, energy flow in the body, the five senses, and the mudras that affect them.


Content: 01 pieces

Size: 14 x 2 cm Approx.

Weight: 888g Approx.


  • The pictures are for reference only. 
  • No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each piece special.
  • The provided information is offered for interest and as a guide and does not constitute medical, or psychological advice. 
  • Note that product dimensions and colors may slightly vary.

Hamsa Hand Selenite Charging Plate Crystals and Jewelry Holder