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Crystal Wonderland

Himalayan Foot Detox Pad Salt Lamp


 Himalayan Foot Detox Pads are the perfect option to cleanse and purify the air around you as well as your body. Foot Detox Pads have the ability to purify your feet by rejuvenation the skin to a soft and healthy state. 

 As well as the Himalayan salt purifies the positive ions from the atmosphere by producing negative ions. The negative ions balance the disturbance of radiation, bacteria, moisture and toxic chemicals that may leak through the body.

The skin on the base of your feet are highly absorbent, especially to all bacteria, chemicals that may cause harm to the body or skin. through detoxifying the body Himalayan salt your feet will extract any bacteria that may cause infections or chemical waste that leaks through the body from many daily products. Keep your feet soft and healthy with the healing properties of Himalayan salt repairing the health.

The foot detox pad is the ideal therapy for your feet after a long day of standing on your feet. Himalayan salt with purify the impurities, repair and rejuvenate your skin. Himalayan salt also relaxes the muscles and will relieve any pressure off your feet after exhaustive activities. Pamper your feet for the hard work they endure daily with the wonderful properties of the foot detox pad.

All our Salt Lamps come with an Australian certified power cord and globe.

Weight: 3-5kg


Himalayan Foot Detox Pad Salt Lamp