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Crystal Wonderland

Om Iron Tongue Drum Jute With Bag - Copper 10 Inches


Om Iron Tongue Drum Jute With Bag - Copper 10 Inches 

Tongue drums have gained such popularity largely due to their calming, peaceful notes. Their soft melodies have branded them as a wellness instrument. As such, tongue drums are great musical companions to meditation practice. Their pleasant and relaxing sounds create a calming environment. The combination of meditation and tongue drums can be restorative. While playing the drum, you should be able to regulate your breathing to the rich melody you are playing. As you play with intention, you are able to breathe with intention as well.

The sounds also provide focal points for your attention, allowing you to concentrate as your mind and body relaxes, losing yourself within the tones of the drum. As you meditate and play, feel free to chant a mantra or harmonize with your voice. This method of meditation can bring you peace and enlightenment as you get to know yourself and the world around you better.



Material: Iron with Jute

Size: 10 inches  25cm x 15cm 

Weight: 2.5 kgs

Notes: 8 Notes Tuned to C Pentacle Scale C D E G A

Content: 1 Tongue Drum 2 Sticks 1 Travel Bag


Om Iron Tongue Drum Jute With Bag - Copper 10 Inches