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Crystal Wonderland

Pack of 20 Magic Spell Candles Aura

These ritual chime candles come in every color, reiki charged and, blessed to manifest!
Our Chime Spell candles are 4" tall and 1/2" wide.
With average burn time of 2-2.5 hours each, they are perfect for any ritual or spell work. These are meant to be charged with your intention, and burnt down completely.
These unscented candles can assist in your wishing and ritual.

Colors have both unique vibrational energy, chakra and, elemental associations as well as deep symbolic meaning across different cultures around the world. It is more important in any magical or ritual work that the colors you are engaging with have personal meaning for you, rather than using one because it "should" be used for the desired outcome of your candle spell work. Choose whichever color feels best for you, for your unique spell and needs, to get the best results.

Pack of 20 Magic Spell Candles Multicolour

Pack of 20 Magic Spell Candles Aura