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Crystal Wonderland

Palo Santo 144 Incense Sticks Goloka


Goloka Palo Santo 144 Incense Sticks

This sacred wood comes from areas of South America and has a rich spiritual scent. It is known for the sweet "holy" aroma that is released when it is roasted.

Palo Santo is used for smudging, also known as: for purification purposes for your home and/or body of negative energy. For that reason, she is also known for her boundless holiness. 


Weight per pack: 15 grams (approx 12 sticks)

Content: 12 packs (144 Incense Sticks approx.)

Note: Never burn incense unattended and always keep it out of reach of children. Burn incense in a suitable incense holder or incense box in a well-ventilated area. 

Palo Santo 144 Incense Sticks Goloka