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Crystal Wonderland

Reiki Healing Colour Therapy with 30 min Sound Healing


Reiki Healing Colour Therapy with 30 min Sound  Healing 

Relax Body Mind & Soul with an  invigorating Reiki Session.

The session starts and with a sound healing using Crystal Brass Singing Bowls & Brass Gongs and finishes with a 30 min Sound Healing.

Reiki brings about positive changes in your life, it works on an energetic level, shifting energetic and emotional blockages within the body.

If you're experiencing stress, anxiety, uncertainty, grief, or you simply just don't feel like yourself, Reiki can help you gain clarity, clear emotional and energy blockages, and transform the way you think about yourself and your life.

Reiki energy healing is a deeply relaxing and noninvasive method of healing your body from the inside out. Reiki can help with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, physical pain, sleep problems and general life challenges.

Session Description:

Duration: 1 1/2 hrs 

Cost: $150

Location: In Person at Crystal Wonderland Healing Room 

Bookings: Please visit link to book you session 


Cancelation Policy: There will be a $25 cancellation/no-show fee if you are unable to make your appointment without giving at least 24 hours prior notice.




Reiki Healing Colour Therapy with 30 min Sound Healing