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Crystal Wonderland

Resin Incense - Sandalwood


Resin is a natural or synthetic organic compound consisting of a monocrystalline or viscous liquid substance. Resins are flammable organic substances that are transparent or translucent and are yellowish & brown. 

Resins often accentuate the senses wherefore these are used for aesthetic reasons, therapy, meditation, and ceremonies.
Resin is the lifeblood of the tree, healing its wounds, infliction & protecting it against infection. In short, resin repairs, protects, and heals.

Goloka INCENSE Resins when burned, emit a holy smoke and beautiful fragrance that is known to clear negative consciousness and spiritual realms and surround us with high vibrations. They are also used to heal, balance, and protect our physical and energetic bodies.

Resin Incense in general is amazing for its ability to release a large amount of beautiful aromatic smoke into your space.

  • Fragrance: Sandalwood
  • Net Contents: 30 g

Packages Includes 2PK Resin Sandalwood 30g

Resin Incense - Sandalwood