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Crystal Wonderland

Rhodonite Orgonite Tower Buster NEW


New Rhodonite Orgonite Tower Buster Dome 

This is a perfect orgonite buster to keep near computer, tv, internet router, microwave or any other device that emits EMF radiation.

  • Orgone Tower Busters purifies the atmosphere, transmutes the negative energy into positive energy, benefits sleep and overall health, boosts plant growth, enhances psychic and intuitive abilities, balances chakras.
  • Aids in the transmutation of stagnant/negative mitigates harmful EMF radiation, purifies the atmosphere, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, benefits sleep and overall health, boosts plant growth, enhances psychic and intuitive abilities, balances chakras.
  • Intentions Love, Strength, Power, Healing, Calm, Clarity, Creativity, Abundance, Prosperity.
  • Tower Buster contents: Rhodonite / Copper Coil / Selenite / Clear Quartz / Brass / Aluminium shavings

Rhodonite is an emotional balancer that nurtures love. A very calming and soothing stone which encourages brotherhood of humanity and promotes unconditional love.  It stimulates, clears and activates the heart chakra, clears emotional wounds promoting self-love and forgiveness.

Rhodonite builds up confidence and self esteem.  It is an excellent memory enhancer and helps to alleviate confusion.  It increases energy levels and is very useful as a first aid stone, supporting and healing emotional shock and panic.

Physically, Rhodonite is an excellent wound healer that reduces scarring and relieves insect bites.  It stimulates fertility, benefits bone growth and the hearing organs.  It also treats emphysema, joint inflammation, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers and multiple sclerosis. 


Quantity: 01

Gift boxed.

Dimensions (approx.): 8.5 x 5.5 x 3.5cm approx. (base x top x height)


*Note that product dimensions and colours may slightly vary



The word Orgone means life force or life energy. It is also sometimes referred to as Ch’i, Prana, Aether, Universal Energy or Vital Energy. This life force can be positive (healthy lifeforce), neutral or negative (radiation, EMF, Pollution and Negative Emotions). Negative life force is said to lead to disease and illness. Orgones are a powerful healing tool that are said to protect against negative energy, negative emotions, radiation, environmental pollution and EMF. They interact with the life force and transmute negative energy into positive. Orgones are a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals that are hardened into various shapes. They form energy generators that are powerful tools for transforming negative energy, charging the environment with positive energy and protecting from EMF and radiation. The crystals contained within the orgone increase and focus it’s energy and are polarized electrically, enhancing their power. Orgones are often used for combating EMF pollution and cell phone tower radiation as well as clearing negative energies in homes as well as for spiritual and healing work. Orgones are great for homes, workplaces or on a person within their energy field. They are also said to remove negative entities from the home. They promote health, well being, peace, happiness and joy.

Rhodonite Orgonite Tower Buster NEW