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Crystal Wonderland

Selection of Six Genuine Minerals


Selection of six genuine minerals

Minerals make up the rocks that form the Earth's crust. Some are very abundant indeed; others are much less common and highly sought after by collectors. The atoms within minerals are arranged in an orderly way, meaning that many of them form attractive crystals and gemstones which are prized for their shine, colour and rarity and are often used in jewellery. 


  • one piece of Rose Quartz
  • one piece of Pyrite (fool's gold)
  • one piece of Citrine point
  • one piece of Quartz Geode
  • one piece of Amethyst
  • one piece of Agate slice

Each set is individual as it is unique and specimens will vary.

Supplied in a sturdy gift box.


  • These products are not toys.
  • May contain small parts or have sharp edges.
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.
  • This display may contain products from more than one country.
  • Content may vary.

Selection of Six Genuine Minerals