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Crystal Wonderland

Singing Bowl Hamsa Hand 8x12cm


Singing Bowl Hamsa Hand Easy Play Yoga Instrument Meditation Mindfulness 8x12cm and Wooden Mallet

- Singing bowls are a type of bell used by many people across the World, and are also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls, Rin or Suzu gongs (both mean 'Bell' in Japanese), and Himalayan Bowls.

- Handcrafted Design, Excellent quality it produces long lasting sounds, which evoke a deep state of relaxation.

- Helps you Relax and Calm with the Soothing Healing Sound and Reduces Stress, Balances your Throat Chakra, Relaxes your Body and Mind, Calm your Nerves

- The singing bowl is used worldwide for Prayers, yoga, meditation and spiritual healing.

- Bowl size: 8x12cm

How to Play Singing Bowls:

- Place the Singing Bowl on your Straight Palm

- Strike the side of a singing bowl

- Rub gently around the Rim with a Mallet

- Now you are able to generate the Resonant Sound

- Practice and Play with it

Singing Bowl Hamsa Hand 8x12cm