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Crystal Wonderland

Tree of Life 7 Chakras Door Hanger

Tree of Life 7 Chakras Door Hanger 
  • 7 CHAKRA Tumbled & Chipped Gemstones FROM TOP TO BOTTOM RESPECTIVELY: Amethyst; Lapiz Lazuli, Aquamarine, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Carnelian, and Red Jasper.
  • 7 CHAKRAS: The chakras are the centers of energy, located on the midline of the body. Each of the 7 chakras represents a physical, emotional, or mental state, helping to enrich one's spirit and well-being The chakra stones are used to balance the chakras on a daily basis and to enhance chakra healing.
  • Hang this chakra ornament in a sunlit window, car or living room which creates excellent Feng Shui energy. 
  • Perfect for any gift-giving occasion. 

  • Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.
  • Natural Stone, Each One Different.
  • Size: 16 cm Approx.
  • Please Allow Reasonable Error.
Package Included:

  • 1x Chakra Hanging

Tree of Life 7 Chakras Door Hanger