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Unique Agate with Lepidolite and Mica


Unique Agate with Lepidolite and Mica

Agate is a stone of strength.  It is protective and grounding.  Agate has the ability to balance yin and yang energy, stabilize the aura, build self-confidence and improve concentration.  Agate can overcome negativity and bitterness and is useful for any kind of emotional trauma as it has a cleansing effect on both physical and emotional levels.   Traditionally Agate has been used as a charm for pregnancy as it is very protective and beneficial for the uterus.  Agate is also believed to be especially protective of children.  All Agate stones are able to remove blockages from any chakra.

Lepidolite is praised far and wide for its miraculous mood-stabilizing properties. This crystal contains a high percentage of lithium, which is often used in anti-anxiety treatments.  


Content: 01 pieces

Size: 28 x 23 cm Approx. just the Crystal

Stand size: 7 cm Approx.

Weight: 1.405 kg Approx.


  • The pictures are for reference only. 
  • No two crystals are alike, which is what makes each piece special.
  • The provided information is offered for interest and as a guide and does not constitute medical, or psychological advice. 
  • Note that product dimensions and colors may slightly vary.

Unique Agate with Lepidolite and Mica