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Crystal Wonderland

Vanilla 120 Incense Sticks HEM


HEM Brand Incense fragrances are guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Enjoy this stunning hand-crafted product from India during meditation, yoga or exercises of spiritual journey & enlightenment. Or, simply enjoy this stunning fragrance in your home or office - allowing the art of incense burning to fragrance the air & lift & cleanse energy in your living spaces.

HEM's Vanilla Incense has a sweet and sugary scent. Being the only spice that comes from the orchid family Vanilla has an uplifting scent that brings warmth and joy. Vanilla Incense is a strong anti-depressant, eliminates insomnia and tames anger. If you want to have the feeling of safety, security and a cosy and uplifting atmosphere burn a little Vanilla Incense in your home.

Each Box Contains: 6 Packets of 20 Sticks - Total: 120 Sticks

This is a 6-pack with 20 incense each (120 incense) of high-quality incense from HEM.   

Content: 120 incense sticks

Note: Never burn incense unattended and always keep it out of reach of children. Burn incense in a suitable incense holder or incense box in a well-ventilated area.

Vanilla 120 Incense Sticks HEM