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Crystal Wonderland

Vijayshree Golden Nag Patchouli 144 Sticks Natural Incense


Vijayshree Golden Incense is 100% natural Indian Incense made from herbs, spices, gums, barks with essence oils and perfumes. Made of natural forest products and more than 90% natural oil. The result is beautiful, environment-friendly and the fragrance will spread everywhere. These incense are the most popular incense of the world it's enthralling and captivating aroma.

  • Fragrance: Nag Patchouli
  • Burning Time: 35-40 mins
  • Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 22 cm; 180 gm

Usage of the Incense sticks:

  • For spiritual or meditational purpose.
  • Used for conveying prayers to god every morning.
  • For creating inviting and refreshing aura.

Usage Method: Always light any Incense/Dhoop in safe zones, away from flammable item.

Usage care: Never light Incense Stick/Dhoop sticks around or with inflammable objects like wires, wood; use these only with incense sticks stands.

Package Includes: 1x Vijayshree Golden Incense Box. (120 Sticks)

Vijayshree Golden Nag Patchouli 144 Sticks Natural Incense